Academic Planning: Anthropology

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in anthropology

  1. Because Anthropology is such a holistic field, we allow students to petition to count courses from other disciples as electives in their Anthropology major, as long as the course relates to one of the field of Anthropology.
  2. Students can get their SS, SCI-L, HDiv, ENVT, IP, and E/CR general education requirements by taking classes within the major, so in the first year students should focus on other general education requirements.
  3. The Anthropology major is flexible, but we recommend taking the introductory courses (ANTH 1111, 1201, and 1203) and the methods courses (ANTH 2001, 2002) early in your major.
  4. We do not repeat electives very frequently. Most are on a 2 or 3 year cycle. Don't assume current electives will be offered again before you graduate.
  5. Take advantage of the hands-on research opportunities available in Anthropology, both in and out of the classroom. Talk to a faculty member early in your career so they know you are interested in such opportunities.