Summer Transition for English Language and Liberal Arts Readiness (STELLAR) allows incoming UMN Morris international students to earn credits before the fall semester, improve their English skills, prepare them for the liberal arts curriculum, and connect them to resources on campus.

Instruction Format

We want you here at Morris! STELLAR 2024 will be in-person and on the beautiful UMN Morris campus for the fullest and best experience.

Benefits of STELLAR

  • Earn college credits.
  • Improve your English skills.
  • Learn about American campus life and academic culture.
  • Gain a better understanding of a liberal arts education.
  • Get to know faculty, staff, students, and all your resources a full month before classes start, so you can be more confident going into the fall semester.
  • Enjoy fun team-building activities with new American students you will meet during the program.


Through STELLAR, you will be enrolled in a credit-bearing, intensive English curriculum that not only counts toward your University of Minnesota degree, but also provides you with the tools for a successful academic experience. UMN Morris classes are taught by dedicated instructors who use their creativity, knowledge, and experience to maximize your learning potential. You will be exposed to a variety of academic disciplines so that you get a taste of the liberal arts, and you will start the fall semester confidently and successfully.

2024 STELLAR Program Dates

Important STELLAR and international student events and the dates on which they occur
Application and deposit deadlineongoing
Pre-STELLAR arriveJuly 24
STELLAR orientationJuly 25–26
STELLAR classes beginJuly 29
STELLAR endsAugust 9
International OrientationAugust 12–16

Welcome Week

Welcome Week Schedule

August 17–20
First day of classesAugust 21


2024 STELLAR Costs

(two-and-one-half week program, with an estimated student number of ten and one mentor)

Itemized STELLAR costs and the total program cost
Cost of instruction (tuition for two credits)$1,169.00
Program cost$1,824.00
Housing (Green Prairie Community)$400.00
Medical insurance$299.00

This includes:

  • Housing, food, transportation from MSP airport to campus
  • Cost of instruction (tuition)
  • Textbooks
  • Academic tutoring, from our STELLAR mentors
  • Orientation sessions that will introduce you to services on campus
  • Weekend excursion to the Twin Cities
  • Team-building social programming with American students going through another summer program


You will receive two undergraduate credits for participating in STELLAR. These credits will apply toward your University of Minnesota degree.