Landscape Inventory

Inventory of Current Plantings

Preservation involves not only buildings, but also historic landscapes. Part of the total preservation project was the development of a real-time, technology based mapping of the trees of UMM, many of which have roots in campus history.

To develop this map, a tree survey was conducted in 2004 and was designed to give a working database of the UMM's trees so the trees can be monitored and information about them updated and compared. The survey used the latest in computer technology, including GPS for location, a camps CAD drawing, and interactive GIS software to identify features, analyze information, and create graphs and charts. Information such as type, height, canopy size, DBH (diameter at breast height), condition and location were collected. For data collection, a handheld computer, GPS and separate software programs designed specifically for the handheld to communicate with the main software were used. This made the collection of data in the field, real-time location and continual monitoring and updating of the information a realistic and cost-effective task. Additional information such as soil condition and ph will gradually be collected in years to come. The map will also feature the historic boundary and building locations of the original campus, the 1978 tree survey, groves, the tree nursery, and more.

A special thank you to Richard "Jason" Phelps who worked to understand and then apply the technology to this effort.