Facilities Management

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One of the responsibilities of the Facilities Management department is custodial—the cleaning of all the buildings on campus. The total cleaning area for all campus buildings is 913,227 square feet (almost 21 acres)!

Our mission is to maintain a clean, safe and secure campus for the Morris community, and to accomplish this in a cost-effective way.

Green Cleaning

Environmental Health & Safety

The Morris Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS) provides programs to protect the health and safety of all persons on campus, and assures compliance with applicable codes and regulations. It is important that all members of the campus community take responsibility in maintaining a safe and healthful environment.

We are here to help, and our job is to work with you to prevent accidents, fix unsafe conditions, implement safer techniques, and ensure applicable regulations and safety procedures are met.

If you need to solve a particular problem or wish to consult with us, please get in touch. We can assist you with safety matters, training you might need, or other environmental safety concerns.

General Maintenance

The Facilities Management General Maintenance department takes care of all the physical maintenance—both preventative and routine—on campus buildings, including:

  • painting
  • cement and masonry work
  • upgrades
  • general repair

Residential (housing) maintenance requests »

For non-residential (housing) maintenance requests, please dial 4-2900 to place a work order.

Space heater best practices »


Horticulture is the primary purpose of the Morris Grounds unit. We prepare, sow, and maintain all the living plant growth on the 165-acre campus. We also keep sidewalks clear and free from snow and debris, and maintain all campus parking lots.

See the University of Minnesota Sustainable Urban Landscape and Information Series (SULIS) to learn more about our work and horticulture on campus.

Maintenance & Operations

One of the primary functions of Facilities Management is the operation of the Heating Plant, located on Second Street, and housing campus boilers and HVAC units. The Maintenance and Operations unit provides and maintains all electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling services for the campus.

Our unit also performs preventive maintenance mandated by government regulations, insurance requirements, and building codes. Some examples include inspections, testing, lubrications, cleaning, and filter and belt changes. Many of these, such as fire alarm testing, are designed to ensure the safety of building occupants. To prevent emergencies and equipment breakdown, Facilities Management conducts ongoing preventive maintenance on equipment located in supported space. Customers in non-supported space receive preventive maintenance services on a chargeable basis.


The Fleet Services department is housed primarily in the transportation garage, located north of the North Parking Lot on Alumni Avenue. The campus fleet is maintained and serviced on site.

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Post Office

The Morris campus mail system serves University students, faculty, and staff, and is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service. As part of the University community, we facilitate communications between and among the members of the campus community.

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