Academic Planning: Philosophy

Top 4 things to consider when planning a major in philosophy

  1. Philosophy is an ideal major for students seeking debate on questions of meaning, religion, ethics, and politics in a rigorous, open-minded, and non-censorious space.
  2. Philosophy majors go into many fields (University of Minnesota's president, Joan Gabel, has a BA in philosophy). A significant number of our graduates go to law school. Nationwide, philosophy majors have the highest chance of getting accepted to law school; every one of the Morris campus Philosophy majors who applied to law school received a place in their first attempt.
  3. Philosophy courses will help you learn to write and think more clearly and effectively, which will help you succeed in many other majors. The reasoning and writing skills taught in philosophy classrooms help explain why philosophy graduates nationwide have such high GRE, MCAT, and LSAT scores.
  4. UMN Morris Philosophy majors usually double-major, thanks in part to our flexible course sequences.