The University of Minnesota, Morris philosophy program offers students the opportunity to receive a broad, rigorous, and exciting liberal arts education. Courses at Morris are designed so that students can analyze and discuss the fundamental problems that we face over the course of our lives. At the same time, students will develop the writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills that are necessary for fruitful philosophical inquiry.

  • The Morris Philosophy Discipline is the original home to one of the most important journals in analytic philosophy: Midwest Studies in Philosophy.

  • Every year the Morris Philosophy Discipline hosts a lecture series in which distinguished speakers visit our campus, the Midwest Philosophy Colloquium.

  • Students from the Morris campus Philosophy Club often present papers for the Minnesota Philosophical Society and often attend national philosophy conferences with Morris faculty members.

  • We are proud to offer the Ted Uehling Endowed Scholarship. Former students, friends, and family of the late Ted Uehling, professor of philosophy, established this scholarship to honor Ted’s extensive contributions to UMM and the impact he made on many students’ lives.