Honors Requirements

IS 2001H
“Traditions in Human Thought,” (2 cr.) a course that takes an interdisciplinary look at significant historical trends in literature, philosophy, and science and focuses on research and information literacy skills.
Eight Honors Elective Credits
Previous elective courses have examined sustainable development and notions of the common good, the trial of Galileo, the American post-war era, issues affecting west central Minnesota, and disability studies. To explore Honors courses, please see the catalog.
IS3991H (Optional Elective)
Honors Co-curricular Independent Study. This is an elective course. Up to two honors elective credits may be earned by pursuing a project that explores a co-curricular experience such as study abroad, off-campus internship, national student exchange, service-learning, or directed research. Students pursuing this option must seek pre-approval by completing the form below (an editable version can be obtained by contacting Athena Kildegaard).
Honors Capstone Project. The Honors Capstone Project (2 cr.) is an interdisciplinary research project undertaken with a faculty advisor and a panel of two readers from different academic disciplines. The project is often a research paper, but might also be a sculpture accompanied by an artist’s statement, a mini-curriculum, or a recital.