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Fall 2023 Enrollment

  • Total Enrollment: 1,020
  • Degree-seeking: 980
  • Number of new high school: 273
  • Number of new transfer: 38

Racial and ethnic backgrounds of fall 2023 students (total enrollment):

  • Asian: 1.7%
  • Black and African American: 3.2%
  • Hispanic: 5.4%
  • Native American: 33.6%
  • White: 51.9%

Gender of fall 2023 students:

  • Female: 54.0%
  • Male: 45.6%
  • Unknown: 0.4%

1st to 2nd Year Retention Rate *

  • MPACT 2025 Goal: 84%
  • 3 year average: 75.7%
  • Most recent individual cohort: 74.6%

4 Year Graduation Rate **

  • MPACT 2025 Goal: 57%
  • 3 year average: 50.1%
  • Most recent individual cohort: 46.7%

6 Year Graduation Rate ***

  • MPACT 2025 Goal: 70%
  • 3 year average: 64.2%
  • Most recent individual cohort: 66.8%


* The three year average includes new high school cohorts from fall 2020, fall 2021, and fall 2022. The most recent cohort is fall 2022.

** The three year average includes new high school cohorts from fall 2017, fall 2018, fall 2019. The most recent cohort is fall 2019.

*** The three year average includes new high school cohorts from fall 2015, fall 2016, and fall 2017. The most recent cohort is fall 2017.

Official enrollment statistics for all University of Minnesota campuses are generally available in early October for fall and early February for spring to account for variations in campus start dates, late registrations, or movement of students among colleges and campuses in the first weeks of the semester. Retention rates are updated yearly towards the end of fall semester, typically late November.

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How many students do we have?

The official campus-level enrollment statistics are maintained by the Office of Institutional Research on the Twin Cities campus.

This report provides campus-level data and can be broken down by a variety of demographic categories

The report can also be limited to degree-seeking students (choose a student level of Undergraduate) or newly enrolled students (choose one of the New Student Characteristics tabs - you may need to scroll to see them)

Where are our students from?

The Enrollment Mapped by Home Location is broken down by home county within Minnesota, state, and country.

How do our students score on standardized tests?

Test score and class rank information

Note: Test scores were not used in admissions decisions for the fall 2021 entering class nor will they be required for the fall 2022 entering class

What are UMN Morris’s retention and graduation rates?

Retention and graduation rates

  • The data provides student outcomes after one to ten years
  • The academic start year and grad/retention period dropdowns have logic to prevent selection of illogical outcomes, so if you don’t see the option you are looking for you may need to select additional years or a different term.

How many degrees have been awarded?

How many faculty are employed in each department?


If you have questions or need data that isn’t publicly available? Please email Kristin Youngblom.