Academic Planning: Chemistry

Please note that students who major in chemistry follow a standard chemistry path or choose to add a biochemistry subfield. Many chemistry majors also pursue graduate or professional programs (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, etc.). 

The top 5 things to consider when planning a major in chemistrry/biochemistry

1. If your academic adviser is not in the Chemistry discipline, be sure to talk with a Chemistry faculty member (such as your General Chemistry instructor) early in your first semester to double check that your academic plan will keep you on track.
2. Failing to enroll in Chemistry 1101 (General Chemistry I) in your first year will make completion of your degree in four years much more challenging and pre-health students will find it impossible to complete professional school requirements on time.

a. Chem 1101 can be met with AP, Transfer, PSEO, IB, A-Level etc.
b. If you cannot take Chem 1101 in your first semester, be sure to speak with your adviser right away about how to meet this prerequisite as soon as possible (e.g. retaking the placement test after reviewing algebra, or talking to the Chemistry 1101 instructors about any unique
c. In recent years, Chem 1101 has been offered in the spring as a trailer section; Chem 1102 has been offered in the summer.
d. For students not meeting the math requirements, Chem 1006 can be taken in the fall semester as an alternative course and in preparation for Chem 1101 in the spring.

3. The Chemistry/Biochemistry curriculum is highly sequential; pay close attention to course prerequisites. The first two years are fairly inflexible, while the third and fourth years offer much more leeway in course selection.
4. The Chemistry major has three possible 'tracks'; a 'standard' Chemistry major; a Chemistry major with Biochemistry subfield, or a Chemistry major with a Green and Sustainable Chemistry subfield. If you are interested in the Biochemistry subfield and/or are following a pre-health plan (pre-med, pre-pharmacy, etc.), be sure to take Biology 1111 in your first year, either fall or spring. Biology 1111 is also required for the Green and Sustainable Chemistry subfield and can be taken in your first year (recommended) or later.
5. Take a math course (appropriate to your math placement) in your first semester. The Chemistry/Biochemistry degrees require math through Calculus II (Math 1102) which is a prerequisite for other required courses such as Physics, Physical Chemistry, and some other advanced electives.