National Student Exchange

National Student Exchange (NSE) provides an opportunity for students to enhance their Morris education by “studying abroad domestically.” Through NSE students have the chance to attend another university in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands for a semester or academic year.

Stop in the ACE Office to pick up an NSE booklet and application packet. Applications are typically due in February for fall or spring of the coming year.

If you are interested in participating in the NSE program, contact the Morris campus National Student Exchange coordinator.

Why participate in NSE?

  • Experience personal growth;
  • Become more independent and resourceful;
  • Take courses not typically offered at the University of Minnesota Morris;
  • Investigate graduate schools and employment options; and
  • See more of the world!

Apply for Exchange

Student Checklist

Prior to Placement

  1. Read NSE Directory of Exchange Opportunities carefully, and select at least five schools of interest to you. Contact Stephanie Ferrian: for an NSE application link.
  2. Research exchange options by doing the following:
    1. Reviewing web site: National NSE website
    2. Reading campus catalogs and other public relations materials. (Catalogs are available at ACE in Room 5, Student Center.)
    3. Studying placement results from previous placement conference. (See Stephanie Ferrian, Study Abroad and Exchange Coordinator, ACE)
    4. Attending a general information meeting.
  3. Consult with Stephanie, NSE Coordinator, to identify appropriate exchange options and procedures for exchange. Email: Office: ACE Phone: 320-589-6464
  4. Consult with your academic adviser to identify beneficial schools.
  5. Share the recommendation form with three people as identified on the application form. (Your adviser, another faculty or staff member, and one other person who will recommend you for exchange.)
  6. Complete the NSE application form, budget worksheet, and statement of purpose, submit an unofficial transcript, and pay application/placement fee no later than February 15 to Room 5, Student Center (ACE Office).
  7. If you have questions regarding your financial aid, consult the Student OneStop, to ascertain your financial aid status during your period of exchange. (Under Plan B, you will apply for financial aid at UMN Morris.) Federal work study cannot be earned at the host campus; thus it will not be awarded.
  8. Meet with Stephanie, NSE Coordinator, to review your application and to prioritize your choice of campuses for exchange. You will need a link to the application site. Once you submit your application your student account is billed $230 for the application process.
  9. Schedule an interview with a designated faculty/staff member. Stephanie will arrange the interview for you to take place during the last two weeks of February. This 30-minute interview is to assess your readiness for exchange, commitment to the exchange program, and to discuss your placement preferences.

After Placement

(The placement conference is scheduled early in March)

  1. Stephanie will notify you which school has accepted you for placement.
  2. Sign placement acceptance to confirm to UMN Morris and host coordinators that you accept placement. This must be accomplished before the established deadline. Failure to accept placement by the deadline date cancels your exchange to the host campus.
  3. Complete the host campus application for admission (if required) and on-campus housing.
  4. Obtain the following records to be forwarded to the host campus coordinator:
    • Official Transcript (if required)
    • Health Record (if required)
  5. Complete an Advising Agreement governing courses to be completed at host campus, discuss the courses with your adviser and return it to Room 5, Student Center. Both you and your adviser must sign the Advising Agreement before your exchange begins. Your adviser and the Registrar’s Office will determine how your courses will transfer to UMN Morris.
  6. Complete Financial Aid forms, if necessary. (If you are eligible for financial aid while on exchange, you must arrange for disbursement of aid through the UMN Morris Business Office).
  7. Complete pre-registration materials, as directed by host campus.
  8. Forward your summer mailing address to both UMN Morris and host coordinator.
  9. Pay tuition and fees to the UMN Morris Business Office (205 Behmler Hall).
  10. Pay room and board and other required fees as directed to your host campus.

Application Deadline

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