Campus Community Response Team

A Campus Community Response Team is an interdisciplinary group of Morris campus professionals who provide supportive services to groups of students affected by trauma. Examples of groups served include residence halls, classes, academic departments, student organizations, and athletic teams. Team members are drawn from mental health professionals, campus police, representatives from various campus offices, and student affairs professionals.

When a student needs immediate assistance for trauma?

Please refer to Crisis Consultation for campus and community resources.

What types of trauma does the UCRT respond to?

The team responds to deaths, missing persons, major accidents, mass acts of violence/destruction, and natural disasters.

What services does the team provide?

The team provides:

  • Consultation to assess situations and determine relevant assistance for student groups affected by trauma.
  • Brief interventions for student groups coping with a significant loss
  • Follow-up assessment and referral for continuing resolution of trauma effects

How does this help the campus?

Trauma often stuns people precipitating a wide range of reactions. Promptly organized, sensitive professional intervention helps individual members and the group as a whole stabilize and return to normal functioning as quickly as possible.

Upon notification of a traumatic event, UCRT organizers will confer with the leaders of the affected University student group to evaluate the impact of the situation and consider what services may be useful. If intervention is desirable, a plan is implemented on a timely basis. Interventions typically occur where the student group naturally gathers and at times convenient to the group. There are no fees for these services.

The Office of Student Affairs coordinates the response team. Please contact Student Affairs if a need arises.

Office of Student Affairs
Location: 309 Behmler
Phone: 320-589-6013
Staff: Sandy Olson-Loy,
Robyn VanEps,

Notifying campus officials of a student’s death

If you learn about the death of a University student, please gather as many details as respectfully possible and forward that information to the Office of Student Affairs, 320-589-6013 immediately. (Please contact Student Affairs through Campus Police, 320-589-6000, if it is outside business hours or by email to They will coordinate campus contact with the student’s family and lead our campus response and communication. If you have contact with family or close friends of the deceased, appreciate they may not know or feel comfortable disclosing extensive details, but please clarify, minimally, the student's name and University ID number (some students have very similar names).