Outstanding Graduate in Psychology Award

The Outstanding Graduate in Psychology Award is given annually to a senior graduating with a psychology major. Recipients who receive this award have excelled in the following areas:

  • scholarship,
  • research experience,
  • and participation in the psychology discipline.

The recipient of the Outstanding Graduate in Psychology Award will be recognized at the Spring Student Honors and Awards Ceremony. The recipient will receive a $250 award. (If more than one recipient is chosen then the cash value of the award will be divided among the recipients.)



  • Outstanding Senior in Psychology who will be graduating from UMM with a degree in Psychology
  • Overall GPA: 3.75 or above
  • Psychology GPA: 3.75 or above
  • At least 60 credits earned while enrolled at UMM

Factors that will be considered

  • Overall GPA and Psychology GPA
  • Evidence of participation in psychology related research (e.g., Psy 3800, UROP, MAPS, External Research Projects to UMM, Psychology Apprenticeships, Publications, Presentations).
  • Service to discipline (e.g., Teaching Assistant, Member of Psychology Club, Psychology Discipline Student Representative)

Global evaluation of student performance by faculty members

Academic Programs

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