Faculty Search Procedures

  1. Determine position availability. In consultation, the Division Chair, Dean and Chancellor agree that there is a position open, the nature of the position, the specific discipline and area, the rank and salary range, and any start-up funds that might be needed.
  2. The Division Chair appoints a Search Committee and Chair. The committee must include at least one person from outside of the discipline, one person representing a minority group on campus, and a student.
  3. The Division Chair, consulting with appropriate Division/discipline faculty, Search Committee, etc., composes a position description, selection criteria, and any advertisements.
  4. The Division Chair submits the online Requisition for approval by the Dean.
  5. The Search Committee has its first official meeting, which must include the Dean and the Affirmative Action Officer, to discuss the recruitment process. Division Chairs may wish to attend.
  6. Search Committee reads applications, selects top 3–10 for closer scrutiny. Normally, no search will proceed unless at least one candidate in this pool is from an underrepresented group.
  7. Search Committee submits the interview pool for approval. Submit the Pool Approval memo to the Human Resource Office for UMM campus approval, prior to doing any telephone or on-campus interviews.
  8. Once the Affirmative Action Officer and Dean have approved the interview pool, the full Search Committee narrows the list to 2–4 candidates for on-campus interviews, through further scrutiny of credentials and references or by conducting (optional) preliminary telephone interviews or interviews at conferences.
  9. The Committee submits the short list of candidates to the Division Chair and Dean for approval.
  10. Conduct interviews. Once approved by the Dean, the Search Committee schedules on-campus interviews for the candidates, after checking the schedule of the Chancellor, Dean, and other interviewers.
  11. Search Committee gathers reactions from participants in on-campus interviews and makes its formal written recommendation/report to the Division Chair, citing the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates interviewed.
  12. Approval to make offer. The Division Chair submits Pool Approval memo, page 2, to Human Resources for routing for approval to hire.
  13. Once approved, the Division Chair may inform the candidate of the status of the search and receive a verbal acceptance.
  14. Prepare Appointment Form and Letter of Offer. Upon receipt of approval to hire, an Appointment Form must be completed. (Attach candidate’s CV and official transcript.) Letters of offer for full-time positions will be prepared in the Chancellor’s Office for signature by the Dean. Part-time/rehire letters are prepared in the division/department with a copy to the Dean. Departments are responsible for communicating to applicants that the position has been filled.