Major Personal/Family Emergencies, Extended Illness, Religious Observation, etc.

A variety of legitimate circumstances cause students to miss coursework.  Accommodations for makeup work can often be made. This policy applies to all course requirements, including final examinations.

At Morris, verification of major personal/family emergencies; extended illness; bereavement; National Guard active duty; court- subpoenas, jury duty; or religious observation is provided by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

Contact person:
Pam Lundebrek
Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Verification of legitimate absences for major personal events and emergencies is provided by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs as a part of our support for students and their families and is sent directly to the student and their instructors by email through APlus.

Faculty members retain the prerogative to excuse individual students from their class without official verification.

Note: Instructors are not obligated to accommodate students missing so much of the critical components of a course, even for legitimate reasons, that arrangements for makeup work would not be reasonable.

See Makeup Work for Legitimate Absences for notification/verification, make-up work, appeals, & FAQs