Lafave House

305 College Avenue

The LaFave House serves as a special gathering place for University and community functions. The home-like atmosphere provides a warm welcome to friends of the University— students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, community leaders as well as dignitaries from around the world. The LaFave House is located at 305 College Avenue, adjacent to the University of Minnesota Morris.

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LaFave House Use Policy and Rates

Lafave House Guest Suite

A Guest Suite is available for distinguished campus visitors who make a significant contribution to the academic life of the campus as a whole.

Eligible guests include:

  • Distinguished Visiting Professor
  • Driggs Lecturer
  • Barber Lecturer
  • Lee Lecturer
  • Convocation speakers
  • Graduation speakers

Any other use of the suite is subject to the discretion of the chancellor. The chancellor may occasionally extend invitations to special guests such as the president of the University of Minnesota, former Morris chancellors and vice chancellors, and Regents.