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How we transfer credit

When you apply as a transfer student, the transfer specialist will conduct a formal audit of the coursework on your official transcript(s) to determine if the course:

  • meets Morris general education or degree requirements;
  • has a direct Morris course equivalent.

In general, coursework is transferable if it’s from a regionally accredited college and is comparable in nature, content, and level to courses offered by Morris.

How the process works

  1. Apply for admission and send all of your official college transcripts.
  2. We review your transcripts and determine the courses and total credits transferred, the courses that did not transfer, as well as how the transferable courses fulfill any Morris general education or degree requirements.
  3. The Transfer Admissions Coordinator (1-888-866-3382) will email you your credit evaluation.
  4. Once you confirm your enrollment at Morris and attend a registration session, you can access an updated version of your transfer credit report that shows how your previous credit and Morris courses fulfill degree requirements.

If you want an evaluation now

We recommend that you apply to Morris before asking for a credit evaluation, as this will shorten your waiting time.  You can get an unofficial evaluation, however, by completing both of the following steps:

  1. Call the Transfer Admissions Coordinator at 1-888-866-3382 to request a credit evaluation and ask questions;
  2. Send official college transcripts to the Office of Admissions.

Official transfer credit evaluations will occur after a student is admitted to Morris.

If you don’t send official transcripts

The transfer specialist can’t complete an official credit evaluation without official transcripts.

As a preliminary guide to prospective transfer students, Minnesota’s public colleges and universities offer the Transferology service.  The website allows students to view courses by college name that have previously been evaluated for transfer.

Still have questions?

If you don’t find answers here, try the Transfer Credits Questions below or contact the transfer admissions counselor.