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PSEO students

Ready to dig into college before you finish high school? Apply to UMN Morris and strengthen your ability to think logically, speak well, and connect ideas that can lead to your passion!

Join our PSEO program and get a head start on college—there's no better way to prepare for our changing world and economy. Questions about any of the info below? Contact Admissions.

Through Minnesota’s Post Secondary Enrollment Option, UMN Morris lets  high school juniors and seniors enroll in college courses on campus.

To take classes as a PSEO student on the Morris campus, you must apply to UMN Morris. If you are a full-time PSEO student and wish to live on campus you will be responsible for your room and board expenses.

No matter where you live, you can be a PSEO student at UMN Morris. Explore our online courses, which will fulfill some of your high school requirements.

How to apply:

  1. To apply for admission as a PSEO student, complete and submit this application form.
  2. Submit an official high school transcript, with your GPA and class rank (if applicable), along with the required PSEO documents. See the PSEO Application site for details. Official transcripts must be mailed or faxed directly from your high school or, if included with your application, must be in a sealed envelope from your high school.
  3. Be on track to graduate from high school.
  4. Demonstrate academic readiness for the jump to college. Most PSEO students show exceptional maturity and are at or near the top of their class with excellent grades and above-average scores ACT or SAT scores (if the student has taken them).
  5. Send any additional information (optional). Feel free to include extra materials that you feel would help get to know you better. We encourage written statements if there are any extenuating circumstances we should take into account when reviewing your application.
    • written statements
    • letters of recommendation
    • resumes
    • portfolios
  6. Watch for a decision in the mail in about three weeks.
  7. Save your place! So we don’t give your spot away, return the confirmation card included in your admission packet. NOTE: PSEO students do not pay the confirmation fee. Once we receive your confirmation, you will be able to schedule a registration session and complete the necessary steps to be a UMN Morris student.

September 15
We begin to review applications on a rolling basis.

November 1
Application deadline for spring enrollment.

June 1
Application deadline for fall enrollment.