Admission Requirements for the Elementary Education Program

For admission to the major’s two-year course sequence that begins each fall, students must follow the application procedure. Information sessions are held periodically to provide an overview of admissions and program requirements.

Students transferring from other schools must be admitted to Morris before admission to the elementary major can be offered. Transfer students should seek academic planning advice from the elementary education faculty in advance of application to the program.


  1. Minimum GPA of 2.5 overall, 2.75 in licensure area(s), and 2.75 in Education courses. No grade below C- will be accepted in these courses.

  2. Approximately 60 semester credits completed by the end of sophomore year.

  3. Your APAS must be coded as Elementary Education Major.

  4. Satisfactory completion of ED 2121 Introduction to Education; ED 2111 Tutor-Aide Practicum; and Ed 2601 Development, Learning, and Teaching with a grade of C- or higher before starting Education classes. No S/N courses in license areas unless it is only offered S/N.

  5. Completion of Minnesota National Evaluation Series (NES) Essential Academic Skills (EAS) tests. These are state-required tests that you must complete before starting Elementary Education coursework, unless you are exempt (check with the Division of Education office to determine if you are exempt from the EAS exams). If not exempt, you must pass all three subtests (reading, writing, and math) before you are able to student teach. To register and find more information on state required tests, go to