Wellness Center

The Wellness Center exists to support students in making healthy choices related to their health and wellness. We take a holistic approach to supporting students and offer programming throughout the school year related to physical health, mental health, sexual health, and violence prevention

Being a healthy college student means having the confidence and energy to live each day to its fullest. Maintaining a reasonable balance with health and wellness can be the key to success as a student and beyond. Good health and wellness is up to the individual, however sometimes we all need support and education to make the best choices for ourselves. The wellness center is here to do just that.

Our mission is to create a space that students feel safe and comfortable- able to explore meanings connected to health and wellness and discover the best process for the individual.


Gay Hall (across from Health Service)

Wellness Center Office Hours

Office hours vary daily. Please email kare0068@morris.umn.edu to set up an appointment or check on office hours. 


The Wellness Center works in collaboration with the Career Center and faculty on campus to sponsor internships for credit. Internships can be created to fit the student’s interests or career aspirations. Students may also choose to intern voluntarily without class credit. Learn more about internships.