For University Supervisors

Most of the university supervision is conducted by professional education faculty with support from clinical faculty at our NonRegional sites. The professional education faculty members are fully knowledgeable of the program’s goals, instruction, candidate performance expectations, and evaluation procedures. Most have built close relationships with the candidates they supervise because they have served as their instructors and/or advisors.

The adjunct clinical faculty are experienced teachers who have earned a master’s degree or higher in the field of education or their content area. They often are recent retirees with sound knowledge of school life, curriculum, and teaching. Adjunct clinical faculty are supervised by a university-based faculty member, often the program coordinator, who explains expectations, clarifies assignments, answers questions, and offers support in any way possible. All university supervisors, including professional education faculty, have been licensed to teach and have at least three years of teaching experience in public schools.

University supervisors and cooperating teachers share the goal of helping the candidate achieve high performance standards in their field and clinical experiences. Frequent communication, a goal of the UMM teacher education program, enhances the shared efforts of the two supervisors.

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