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Office of Sustainability

The Morris Office of Sustainability (MOOS) has a vision to see the Morris campus and community grow as a model of sustainability principles, practice, and excellence.

We work collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and community partners to advance our shared sustainability aspirations. MOOS works in the following areas:

  • accountability and reporting
  • communications and messaging
  • on-campus engagement
  • education and training
  • faculty and staff support
  • new programming
  • outreach and engagement
  • creating culture change

Want to get involved? Stop by our office on the second floor of the Welcome Center. We can connect you with people and resources, whether you want to join an effort that is ongoing or you have some ideas of your own.

Meet the Office of Sustainability

Troy Goodnough: Sustainability Director

Sustainability is important to me because I want to live a “good” life. I think sustainability-thinking helps me to lead a more intentional, purposeful, and joyful life. I believe that my actions have consequences. My actions affect: the people around me, people around the world I don’t know, future generations, and the ecosystems that make life possible for me and all living things. I hope there is a way to harmonize my everyday living with these considerations.

I am interested in Aikido, learning new things, good process, and civility.



Allison Johnson ‘20

Major(s): Environmental Studies, with Biology minor

Sustainable communities and the individuals within them are strong, resilient, and united. That’s why I love Morris, both the community and campus within it are focused on providing solutions to problems that exist today and those that will exist in the future. Sustainability isn’t just an end goal but a way of living life, and ultimately building strong communities to equip the next generation with tools and resources to achieve even more great things.

Interests: I love canoeing in the Boundary Waters. I am passionate about tea and coffee drinks, gourds, and love my tuxedo cats!!

Maddie Happ '21

Major(s): Political Science, Pre-Law

Sustainability to me is meeting the needs of the present without compromising future generations. Sustainability encompasses all areas of society and is vital to the success of not only people, but also our planet as a whole.

Interests: Traveling, hiking, reading, superhero movies, and all things Star Wars.


Sam Rosemark '21

Major(s): Political Science, Economics, with Environmental Leadership and Stewardship minor

To me, sustainability is something everyone should altruistically strive for in everyday life in order to preserve one’s self and one’s society for tomorrow’s self and future generations. To do this, individuals and our society must sustain themselves economically, socially, and environmentally.

Interests: Student government, public policy, politics, dogs, movies, cooking, and hanging out with people.


Jasmine Pryor '21

Major(s): Environmental Science, Environmental Leadership and Stewardship and African and Black Studies minors, 2021

Sustainability to me is the impact of our environmental, social, and economic endeavors. It is the process of thinking about our future and taking action to ensure that our planet and its inhabitants have a chance to not only survive but thrive.

Interests: I enjoy kayaking/canoeing, running and learning. 


Kallan Sandahl

Major: Environmental Science, 2020

Sustainability, to me, is the acknowledgment that our planet’s resources are finite, and a way of life that reflects this knowledge. It’s working to preserve our resources for future generations, and implementing practices that cut down on the use of nonrenewable resources.

Interests: Traveling, Kayaking, Canoeing, Hiking, Bird Watching, Crochet.


Ben Giese

Major: Chemistry with History minor, 2023

Sustainability, to me, is first learning how to live your life in such a way that it does not negatively affect the world around you. Then, educating others on how they can live their lives in a way that doesn’t affect the world around them.

Interests: Jazz, Science, Pool, Cooking

Stewart Symons

Major: Computer Science, 2022

To me, sustainability is extremely significant; it’s a concept everyone should take part in, considering the alternative is unchecked climate change, which will probably make our generation’s lives miserable later if nothing is done now.

Interests: Biking, Technology, Gainz, Hockey, Hanging with my friends

 Teresa Boyd

Major(s): Psychology, Anthropology, Environmental Studies, with German Studies minor, 2023

Sustainability is not only changing our actions to help preserve the world we live in, but it is educating the people we know to do the same, and reaching out to fight for change if necessary.

Interests: Euphonium, Drawing, Any kind of orange cheese flavored snack




Quinton Dornisch

Major(s): Statistics, Environmental Studies, 2020

I view sustainability as a mindset that considers not only how society can optimize our everyday practices such that they are in harmony with the world around us, but also understands how our practices today influence the state of the world seven generations from now. In addition to merely understanding our actions, their impacts, and how to balance them, I believe sustainability calls on us to not only acknowledge, but respect the fact that we are part of a greater ecological community besides our own society. 

Interests: I’m interested in anything outdoors or any means of adventure, really: hiking, biking, wildlife watching, hunting and fishing. Also Aikido.

Lily Heyd ‘19

Major: Biology

What does sustainability mean to you: To me, sustainability is the act of working with nature instead of using nature to satisfy our needs. I believe that we as human beings need to become part of the natural system, instead of living outside of it. By digging up fossil fuels and paving prairies, we are disrupting the water cycle, the carbon cycle, and even the life cycles of many plants and animals. I hope that one day we can work in conjunction with these cycles in order to maintain a balance between our needs and our Earth’s needs. However, before we begin to work on such a large project, I’ve learned that we need to work in conjunction with each other, because sustainability is also about the relationships between people. 

Interests: Painting, Playing with my cats (Pumpkin and Crusty Jack), and Gardening.

Grace Miller ‘20

Major: Environmental Studies, with Studio Art minor

My personal understanding of sustainability is the consideration of future life in making present day decisions. It is being considerate of life outside our own and operating from a place of understanding and equality. I believe we must extend a sustainability mindset to all aspects of our life. It involves our resource allocation, land use, food choices, clothing etc. Being sustainable is being intentional with how we live our lives and cultivating awareness of how that affects other life both presently and in the future. 

Interests: Gardening, drawing, painting, traveling, camping and hula-hooping!

Kerri Mueller ‘20

Major: Environmental Science, with minors in Statistics and Biology

Sustainability is a way of living consciously in our daily interactions with the environment because our decisions and actions impact the world around us in ways we may not realize immediately. It is a mindful practice that fosters community and a respect for natural systems. 

Interests: I often find myself spending my time outdoors whether it is through hiking, biking, hunting, or traveling. I also dabble in ceramic art. I enjoy doing all of these with the company of friends or family. 

Andrew Brichacek ‘19

Major(s): Financial & Organizational Management, Economics

In my life, I view sustainability as ensuring our practices and lifestyles do no harm and that we leave the world in the best possible condition for future generations. This extends beyond just environmental issues to living sustainable lifestyles and sustainably managing all the resources that we use and consume. Sustainability is an important aspect throughout every part of life, and it is important to ensure that everything we do is a sustainable practice that can carry us safely into the future.

Interests: Traveling, being outdoors, gardening, and building relationships and friendships with the people around me and throughout the community I am in.