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Local and Sustainable Food

Eating locally supports your community and provides fresh, nutritious food for you. We can all play a role in helping to improve the long-term sustainability of our food system by learning more about how our food choices affect the environment.

  • The Morris campus is a founding member of the Pride of the Prairie, one of the longest-running local food efforts in Minnesota higher education, which promotes local use of foods grown in west central Minnesota.
  • Our campus food service provider is contracted to purchase from area farmers and demonstrates the preparation of locally produced foods at the annual West Central Research and Outreach Center Horticulture Night.
  • Twice a year the campus hosts a Pride of the Prairie Food Expo and Farmers Market along with a community meal featuring locally and organically grown foods.

Morris Healthy Eating

The Morris Healthy Eating project, funded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, is working to expand the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits on campus, within the city of Morris, and in Stevens County. Students provide support for local farmer’s markets, maintain an organic garden, and promote healthy food choices.

The Office of Student Affairs leads the Morris Healthy Eating project.