Suggestions for Academic Success At Morris

To be successful we suggest that a student…

  • Meets with their adviser at least once a semester but as often as needed
  • Checks their campus email daily
  • Learns to read their APAS
  • Informs their adviser of major, minor and/or any other concerns about their academic plan
  • Observes Academic Deadlines
  • Understands requirements to stay "in good standing"
  • Attends Advising Events
  • Is familiar with the Student Records Privacy Guidelines
  • Meet with their Adviser…
    • In August during orientation
    • In October of their first and second years to sent a plan for the spring semester
    • If they have less than 60 credits
    • In March of their first year to set a plan for the fall semester
    • As needed in the second, third, and fourth years

Student Responsibilities

  • Learning their class materials to achieve academic success
  • Monitoring academic progress
  • Understanding degree requirements and University policies
  • Attending all classes
  • Managing study, work, and social time
  • Utilizing University resources to aid in success at Morris
  • Practicing good communication skills with parent(s)
  • Working with their adviser to explore educational opportunities