Advising: Frequently Asked Questions

If I am paying for my son's or daughter's education, why can’t I get a copy of their records?

According to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), college students are considered “responsible adults” and are allowed to determine who has access to their information. Under this law, parents who want to receive a copy of their student’s academic or financial records can do so if their student signs a release form. FERPA, along with the State of Minnesota Data Privacy Act, forms the backdrop for the Regents Policy on Access to Student Records at the University of Minnesota.

How can I get a copy of my son's or daughter's grades or find out who is their adviser?

The quickest and easiest way for parents to receive information about their child’s grades, finances, or other student information is for the student to provide it. Students can look up information and share a copy with their parents if they so choose. Student records are available at One Stop Student Services.

In order for my son or daughter to continue their health insurance through my employee coverage, the insurance company wants proof that they are enrolled full time. Also, my auto insurance company needs proof of their grade point average so that we can keep their "good student discount." Where do we get that proof?

Get a certification letter

How many credits does a student need to be registered for to be considered a full-time student?

Full-time student = 12+ credits
Three-quarter time student = 9 to 11 credits
Half-time student = 6 to 8 credits
Less than half-time student = <6 credits

Senior = completed 90+ credits
Junior = completed between 60 and 90 credits
Sophomore = completed between 30 and 60 credits
Freshman = completed less than 30 credits

These credit amounts hold true for each term.

My son or daughter is not doing well academically. How can I help?

Students are encouraged to find someone to talk to on campus. Resources include:

Students may also talk to their academic adviser, faculty, family, and friends.

My son or daughter has taken Advanced Placement or PSEO classes. Will they get credit for their work?

Students with PSEO or transfer credit are responsible for providing an official copy of their transcript from other institutions. Learn more.