Step Results


The Environmental Science major began enrolling students in September 2009. Right now there are 43 environmental science majors and Morris admissions reports that 20, Fall 2012 freshman have declared as environmental science majors. In May 2010 Morris had its first environmental science graduate.

Number of Environmental Science Majors


When the STEP program was implemented in 2007 there were 33 Native American STEM majors and seven new freshman STEM majors enrolled that fall. Morris now has 101 Native American STEM Majors.

Native American Science Majors

Graduation rates for Native American students have also increased in the sciences. The first year of the STEP program five Native American students graduated with STEM degrees. In 2012 11 Native American Students graduated with STEM degrees. Last year two of the STEP summer research students graduated. These research students received the Morris “Scholar of the College” Award.

Morris Native American Graduates