Raise Me

RaiseMe enables students to earn micro-scholarships throughout high school and college, starting as early as ninth grade. Students can earn for taking actions that best set them up for success, like getting good grades, joining an extracurricular activity, and attending a campus visit. Total earnings through RaiseMe represent a guaranteed minimum of the scholarship amount that a student will be awarded if admitted to the University of Minnesota Morris. Students must join RaiseMe and follow UMN Morris by November 1 of their senior year for their micro-scholar ships to count. Available for new first-year and transfer students.

How RaiseMe Works

What you've earned for the University of Minnesota Morris on RaiseMe represents the minimum amount of scholarship you will receive if you apply, are admitted, and enroll. If, upon acceptance to UMN Morris, you receive a larger scholarship package, it's important to understand that the amount you earned on RaiseMe is included in, not in addition to, your final financial aid offer.

Student Academic Level

First Year Student