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Moving Forward, Together

Chancellor Behr sent the following message to the campus community on January 8, 2020: 

I, like President Gabel and many of you, am saddened, angered, and repulsed by what we witnessed earlier this week at the US Capitol. While our democracy should and does rightfully tolerate expressions of differences of opinion, disregard for our laws and ideals cannot be tolerated.

Our democracy requires our understanding of its intricacies and expectations, and our constructive participation in and beyond its elections. I can think of no better preparation for these activities than a liberal arts education.

That is not to say this moment is over and forgotten. I, for one, was appalled at the incongruous response to the events of Wednesday as they were unfolding, pointing out once more our country’s ongoing issues around systemic racism. Much work on that front remains to be done.

I know this week has been difficult and will continue to affect all of us. If you need support or mental health resources now or in the future, please reach out (students | employees).

Let me close this message by saying again how much I appreciate you and all that you do to uphold one another and our guiding principles. Please take care of yourselves and, as you are able, those around you. May you be safe and well. And may you find purpose in your efforts to realize our shared vision of a brighter, more just and equitable future.