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Parking Permit

Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Permits

Where do I purchase a parking permit?

Parking Permit Application for Faculty/Staff
Parking Permit Application for Students

How much does a permit cost?

$121.64 yearly / $75 per semester plus applicable sales tax

Where do I park my car?

For on-campus residents, we recommend the following lots:

  • Clayton A. Gay Hall—South Lot
  • David C. Johnson Independence Hall—East Lot
  • On-campus apartments—East Lot
  • Spooner Hall—South Lot
  • Blakely Hall—South Lot
  • Green Prairie Community—East Lot
  • Pine Hall—North Lot

Please be attentive to the no overnight parking areas.

Where can my visitors park?

Call Public Safety at 320-589-6000 or 320-287-1601 to register your visitor’s vehicle information or pick up a visitor parking pass at 6 Behmler Hall. There are visitor parking spaces located in each lot.

What if I drive two different vehicles?

You can purchase a duplicate permit from the Business Office for $10.

What if I sell my permit?

The transaction should be done at the Business Office, and you will need to remove your current permit and the new purchaser will be given a new permit.

Where do I display my parking permit?

Permits must be suspended from the rearview mirror with the permit numbers facing forward.