Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can students have alcohol in their dorm rooms if they are over the age of 21?
  2. Are weapons allowed in the residence halls and on campus?
  3. Does Public Safety offer secure storage of weapons that are not allowed in the residence halls?
    • Not currently, but contact Public Safety for other options regarding weapon storage while living on campus.
  4. What does the campus population do in the event of severe weather?
    • Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado watches
      • Pay attention to the local radio and television stations for updates regarding the current weather situation.
      • Take time to locate the emergency procedures placard for the building you are in and take note of the nearest shelter area.
    • Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado warnings
      • Go to the designated shelter area nearest to your location immediately.
      • If possible take a flashlight in case of a power outage and a battery operated radio in order to get the latest weather updates.
      • Wait in the shelter location until it can be safely determined that the threat has passed.
    • Blizzard or Winter Storm warnings
      • Do not travel unless absolutely necessary.
      • If travel is needed, bring an extra pair of warm clothing and a winter survival kit.
  5. What consequences are there for violating campus policies and procedures?
    • Specific criminal charges may apply depending on the violation.
    • A hearing with the Student Behavioral Committee to determine if academic or administrative sanctions are needed.
  6. Does Public Safety offer free walking escorts to and from locations on and near campus?
    • Yes, contact Public Safety at 589-6000 or 287-1601 to request an escort or get more information.