Mental Health Information for Students

During your time at Morris it is possible that you may need to access professional assistance to deal with problems related to stress, anger, depression, anxiety, and other issues. Because this is a common experience for some students, the University of Minnesota Morris offers a number of services to assist students with mental health challenges. Counseling services are available at Student Counseling. In addition, students with psychiatric disabilities can also receive support and assistance at the Disability Resource Center.

If you were receiving professional mental health assistance prior to attending Morris and you would like to continue to receive assistance, you should contact Student Counseling to facilitate a successful transition.

While at Morris it is possible that a friend, classmate, roommate, or significant other may be dealing with issues such as depression, stress, alcohol misuse, and other issues. Student Counseling provides free, confidential consultation for those people worried about a student. You can also find information that will help you to support these individuals at Assisting Students in Distress.

Interactive Training Tool

An interactive training tool is available to provide actual practice in student-student dialogue and making mental health referrals:

Students Assisting Students: Interactive Mental Health Training

In addition to on-campus services, The Transition Year is an online resource center to help students and parents focus on emotional health before, during, and after the transition to college.

Additional Information for International Students

Off-campus resources

Find additional resources available in the Morris area

There are also other community and area resources available to address mental health concerns including therapy and medication management. Student Counseling does have these resources available if you would like to seek care outside of the University and aren't sure where to start.