Geology in Italy

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July 10-July 31, 2018, ESci 2201 (ENVT) or Geol 4130, led by Jim Cotter, Professor of Geology

Geology in Italy will offer students the unique opportunity to experience and study the environmental challenges of living sustainably in the Italian Alps. Students will live and take classes in the compound of a 13th century castle located above the town of Merano, Italy.  Courses will be taught by UMM faculty and by faculty at Brunnenburg. All classes will involve excursions throughout the eastern Alps and to several cites nearby (Venice, Bolzano and Munich).

Geol 4130: Geomorphology of the Italian Alps

Study of landforms, rivers, soils and glaciers; and the influence of geology, tectonics, climate and vegetation in the development of the Alpine landscape. Understanding geomorphic processes, interpreting landforms and reconstructing geologic history on the basis of surficial features.

ESci 2201: Environmental Challenges of the Italian Alps

Study of the impact of geologic processes on humans. Understanding climate change through the observation of glacier. fluctuations.

Faculty Profiles

James Cotter  is a Morse-Alumni Distinguished Teaching Professor of Geology at UMM. His area of expertise is glacial geology. He has studied glaciers, glacial deposits and glacial landforms in the Alps, the Rocky Mountains, South America, Antarctica and Minnesota. He has brought students to the Italian Alps to study and complete research since 2001.

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