Gateway—Items Provided and Required

It's useful to know the following before signing up for the Gateway Program:

  • Housing and meals throughout the program are provided at no cost to you.
  • You must complete all parts of the program to receive college credit.
  • You can enroll in the program by directly emailing Clement Loo or by filling out the sign-up form.

What to bring

  • Business casual clothing
  • Clothing suitable for outdoor activities
  • Swimwear
  • Clothing suitable for painting or doing potentially messy laboratory activities
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Bedding (blankets, sheets, pillows)
  • Toiletries
    • Towels
    • Shower sandals
    • Shower caddy
    • Regular toiletries
    • Hygiene supplies
  • Basic school supplies
  • Medications
  • Backpack
  • A sense of adventure


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