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Student Project Examples

Jayce Koester and Marcy Prince

A team of two CST students Jayce Koester '16 and Marcy Prince '17 worked together to collect and analyze demographic information about the county and larger community needs. Over the course of the summer they gathered data, conducted interviews, and visited community centers. At the end of the project they produced a report with community recommendations and a clear layout of demographic information for the many townships that make up Swift County.

Kyle Klausing and Sophie Bishop

Students Kyle Klausing '16 and Sophie Bishop ‘17 are working with Stevens County to create an outline of possible extreme weather over the next few years and how the community can best respond. Their work has largely engaged with the environmental impact of the county and how to simultaneously make the community safer and more sustainable long term.

Brendan Stermer and Mitchell Hancock 

Students Brendan Stermer '16 and Mitchell Hancock '18 worked in collaboration with Pioneer Public Television to create a documentary that traces the history and story of the station. The two students not only gathered materials but also participated heavily in the video’s production and creation. Pioneer was happy with the final creation and it’s now live on their website.

Maija Kittleson-Wilkner 

CST student Maija Kittleson-Wilkner ‘19 is working in relationship with the Grant County 4-H club to build lesson plans and teach kids in a youth development program. Maija works both at the CST office at the University of Minnesota, Morris and on the ground in Grant County teaching 4-H students. Working both in the office and on the ground helps develop professional office skills as well as practical community oriented work.

Madison Hughes

Madison Hughes ’17, entered data for University of Minnesota Extension. Hughes collected data on classroom evaluations, and the working data of employees and extension educators. By organizing and consolidating this data Hughes enables educators to improve their programs and see the impact their programming has on students.