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For Communities

The Center for Small Towns at the University of Minnesota, Morris is focused on working and collaborating with small towns throughout Minnesota while connecting them to accessible resources within the University, as well as elsewhere in the state.

CST works closely with community oriented groups such as non-profits, K-12 schools, community governments for towns with populations 5,000 or below, chambers of commerce, and various other citizen-oriented groups.

CST prides itself on offering a flexible and multifaceted methodology that allows it to adapt to the various needs of communities. At the core of our methodology is student involvement, as students work one-on-one with communities, non-profits, and schools in small towns. Surrounding student work and input are the core methodologies that the Center for Small Towns utilizes to continue to provide full and comprehensive services to small communities throughout the state. CST focuses on providing assistance in brokering resources, program evaluation, applied research and information, and community planning and development. Our methodology is never a means for limiting our programming. Instead, it helps to provide a framework for small towns as we assess what resources are most likely to help them.


Convening: CST works to bring individuals and resources together as well as link communities to various resources within the University of Minnesota system.

Brokering and Referral: CST works to give small towns access to resources within the University of Minnesota to support their communities while creating and fostering connections and agreements between small towns and the resources that exist for them.

Community Support: CST supports outreach to small towns as well as support, funding, and employees to work towards community projects and goals. There is a focus on listening to and advancing the needs of communities throughout Minnesota.

Data Analysis and Research: CST is able to provide data gathering and analysis services to small communities. CST can conduct research, write reports, and provide critical data collection and collaborative projects to small towns.