From the Caesars to the Saints: Walking Ancient Rome

From the Caesars to the Saints: Walking Ancient Rome (HUM 1006), 4 credits, HIST, no prerequisites.

This course will explore the history, society, and culture of the city of ancient Rome. The city's history is bound up with the history of the Romans' territorial expansion in Italy and the Mediterranean. The course will thus also examine the connection between the city of Rome and the empire of Rome. We will gain access to these ideas through on-site exploration of Rome's monuments and museums and through reading ancient and modern author's writings on the importance of these sites and how they fit into the ancient Romans' conception of their city. Additionally, living in Rome for three weeks will allow you to experience first hand the food, culture, people, and daily rhythms of life in the modern city.

Program Leaders:

Aaron Wenzel
Lisa Bevevino

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Application Deadline: February 1