Oustanding Faculty and Staff Support of Student Leadership

The Oustanding Faculty and Staff Support of Student Leadership award is intended to recognize faculty and staff who support student leaders and student-initiated/student-directed activities.  Areas of student involvement may include student organizations, committees, and special activities whose events or programs are coordinated with or administered by the Office of Student Activities

Areas of involvement may include:

  • Active participation as an advisor of a student organization or organizations.
  • Serving as a mentor to student leaders and a promoter of student initiatives.
  • Supporting student leadership through participation in activities.
  • Providing leadership training and development opportunities for student leaders through formal or informal interaction.


    • Evidence of a high level of commitment to student leadership development.
    • Involvement that enhances the experiences of a student leader and adds to the overall campus environment.
    • Demonstrates ethical leadership and vision in their work with students and student initiatives.

    The following will be considered when selecting award winners:

    • Length of involvement
    • Cooperation & collaboration
    • Resourcefulness
    • Knowledge of campus
    • Students' individual growth and learning
    • Ethics and vision

    Please note: past recipients of this award should not be considered for recognition again. 

    Nomination Process