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  • Roxann Emerson Roxann Emerson, 2025

    I was worried about making friends my first year, and when I got here so many people were nice and had open arms about telling me about campus.

  • Young woman with long blonde hair smiles into lens Paulina Bekkum, 2023

    Being a very ambitious person, I am still able to do everything I want to do on campus, even when they are on opposite sides of the spectrum!

  • Young woman with long blonde hair in a UMN Morris hoodie Mariah Thesing, 2023

    Before coming to Morris, I did not realize how much of a loving, caring campus community it is. Not only do you create wonderful relationships with staff and faculty, but there are so many wonderful people you will meet throughout your entire time at Morris.

  • woman with red hair, gray sweatshirt, and a backpack Ashley Kennedy, 2022

    It is so much fun being able to know so many people on this campus that simply walking to class you see at least two friendly faces.

  • Man with short dark brown hair wearing a parka Elmurad Abbasov, 2022

    I wasn't expecting the Morris community to be so welcoming and warm. Because our school is relatively small, after I got to know some people, it really felt like a family.

  • Man with dark black hair and blue sweater Ahnaf Prio, 2019

    I chose Morris because I wanted a college where I could work on myself. I am stronger because I had a well-rounded education focused on more than one thing. I am stronger because I chose Morris.

  • Woman with short purple hair and jean jacket Sydney Bauer, 2019

    Morris is a wonderful place to create your own fun! With incredibly engaging and supportive folks everywhere on campus, it is easy to discover where your passions lie and how you can make them your own!

  • Woman with dark brown hair wearing Morris sweatshirt and blue backpack straps Esmira Alieva, 2019

    A true sense of community, acceptance of each other, and diversity make Morris special to me. Feeling strongly connected to the community makes a huge difference in our academic experience. The feeling of being accepted helps us learn about ourselves and meet our potential. The ability to work with people who have different beliefs cultivates personal growth and global citizenship.

  • Man with red flannel and white t shirt Wyatt Anderson, 2020

    I chose Morris because you are able to forge your own path with the support of the community here. You can find your passions in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected ways. 

  • Bailey Kemp ’19 Bailey Kemp, 2019

    At Morris my professors know me by name and are always available to answer questions. I have formed lasting friendships with other students. I rarely go anywhere on campus where I don’t see at least one person I know. I feel like I am a part of something.