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  • Man with dark black hair and blue sweater Ahnaf Prio, 2019

    I chose Morris because I wanted a college where I could work on myself. I am stronger because I had a well-rounded education focused on more than one thing. I am stronger because I chose Morris.

  • Woman with short purple hair and jean jacket Sydney Bauer, 2019

    Morris is a wonderful place to create your own fun! With incredibly engaging and supportive folks everywhere on campus, it is easy to discover where your passions lie and how you can make them your own!

  • Woman with dark brown hair wearing Morris sweatshirt and blue backpack straps Esmira Alieva, 2019

    A true sense of community, acceptance of each other, and diversity make Morris special to me. Feeling strongly connected to the community makes a huge difference in our academic experience. The feeling of being accepted helps us learn about ourselves and meet our potential. The ability to work with people who have different beliefs cultivates personal growth and global citizenship.

  • Man with red flannel and white t shirt Wyatt Anderson, 2020

    I chose Morris because you are able to forge your own path with the support of the community here. You can find your passions in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected ways. 

  • Bailey Kemp ’19 Bailey Kemp, 2019

    At Morris my professors know me by name and are always available to answer questions. I have formed lasting friendships with other students. I rarely go anywhere on campus where I don’t see at least one person I know. I feel like I am a part of something.

  • Abbey Dickhudt ’19 Abbey Dickhudt, 2019

    I love all of the student organizations that exist and events that are put on. They are all so unique and fun.

  • Huajian Qin Evan Aanerud, 2021

    Great things come in small packages! Morris is a school that genuinely wants its students. I felt comfortable investing in a school that would invest in me."

  • Claire McManus Claire McManus, 2020

    The Morris community is one of support and mutual appreciation, which stems not only from an involved and helpful faculty but an engaged student body as well.

  • Photo of Sara Carman Sara Carman , 2020

    I chose Morris because I wanted small class sizes and a quality education. I visited Morris, fell in love, and never left.

  • Erin Wilaby Erin Wilaby, 2019

    Morris has an excellent campus life with a very friendly and social college community, and those were really important to me. Also I love that Morris is such a green campus.