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Self-Reported Test Score and Academic Record (SRAR)

For students seeking Spring or Fall 2022 first-year admission, the University of Minnesota Morris will accept self-reported grades. Standardized test scores are not required for application review.


You have complete control over all parts of your application.

  • No separate requests for your school to send transcripts and test scores
  • No delays or missed deadlines encountered when waiting for transcript agencies or test agencies to send materials to complete your application.
  • As a reminder, UMN Morris is test-optional for Spring and Fall 2022 enrollment.

Your application is completed earlier, reducing processing and wait time for an admission decision.

  • Unlike transcripts, the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR), can be exactly matched to your application, reducing time to complete your application file.
  • Your application goes for review by our holistic review committees even more quickly.
  • You’ll receive an admission decision as soon as possible, often within three weeks

You will likely reduce the cost of applying to college.

  • Often you pay a fee each time you request an official transcript or test score. You’ll only have to send one final transcript when you enroll at Morris.
  • As a reminder, UMN Morris is test-optional for Spring and Fall 2022 enrollment. If you do opt to send us your test scores, take advantage of free test score delivery to the schools you select when you register for exams such as the ACT (UMM School Code: 2155 ) or SAT (UMM School Code: 6890).

Applying to Morris Takes Only Three Simple Steps:

  1. Submit an application through the University of Minnesota Morris application or the Common Application
  2. Pay the $30 application fee or request a waiver
  3. Self-report high school course grades and standardized test scores through the online Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) form. You do not need to submit an official high school or secondary school transcript at the time of application.

Note: If we don’t see your Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) shortly within a few days of receiving your application for admission we will send an email to the address you provided on your application. This message will include a customized link that will take you right to your SRAR. This should make it easier for you to finish your SRAR and send it our way.  Once this step is complete we’ll start reviewing your application.

Additional Questions and Tips

When should I complete the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)?

We encourage you to complete your SRAR right after submitting your application and even provide a link after submitting your application to take you directly to the SRAR page. If you can’t do the SRAR at the time you submit your application for admission, but want full scholarship consideration, please make sure to submit the SRAR no later than December 1. 

There are still scholarship options after December 1. The sooner you complete all application steps the more scholarship options are available to you and the sooner we can get you an admission decision.

Tips for completing the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)

  • Enter your 9-12 grades for all completed courses, exactly as they appear on your high school transcript.
    • If you are currently a high school senior, you will list your “in-progress” 12th grade courses for classes that are not yet graded.
  • Enter your grades exactly as they appear on your transcript.  Don’t average, convert, or weigh your grades.
  • Your school may issue final official grades at the end of each term or semester. List each course with its final grade by term or semester, listing the same course twice and the final grade if you take it again in a different term.
  • Your school may issue a final official grade at the end of each year. Enter that grade.
  • If the exact name of our course is not an option in the SRAR, you will type it in exactly as it appears on your transcript.
  • Feel free to call us at 888-866-3382 or email us at with any questions.

What test scores should I put on the SRAR?

UMN Morris offers test-optional admissions for Fall 2022. As such, no test scores (ACT/SAT) are required for application review.

What if I already sent you my official test scores from the testing agency?

UMN Morris offers test-optional admission for Fall 2021 enrollment. If you already sent us your scores, you will not be penalized through our application review process.

For your convenience, if you do choose to send us your ACT/SAT scores, here are our school codes:

  • ACT - UMM School Code: 2155
  • SAT - UMM School Code: 6890

Will self-reported grades and test scores change how Morris reviews my application?

We’ll still review your application using a holistic method that allows us to consider your academic preparation and the individual characteristics that make you unique. The only significant change you may experience is a shorter wait time for an admission decision.

How long will completing the SRAR take?

You should plan for an extra 30–45 minutes to complete your application and the SRAR. In the end this may be a time savings for you if you consider the time needed to request an official transcript. Also note that if you have completed a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) for another college you can simply link your existing SRAR to Morris, saving duplication of effort.

What if I make a mistake or enter a typo on my self-reported grades and test score information?

Mistakes can happen and are easily corrected. Simply call the Morris Office of Admissions at 888-866-3382 or email us at with any updates or questions.

What if I purposefully misrepresent my self-reported information?

Admission decisions are made with the goal of your success in college in mind. Academic integrity is also a critical element of higher education and part of our student code of conduct, making it a standard we want to reinforce as we make admission decisions. If we discover potential misrepresentation of grades or test scores, we will review the situation, and at the sole discretion of the University of Minnesota Morris, determine if a student is ineligible for admission, subject to cancellation of registration if registered, or subject to sanction from the University of Minnesota Morris. This could include dismissal from the University if you have already enrolled.

Are my senior year grades important?

Your senior year is an important time of preparation for your success in college and the courses you take throughout your college career are a primary factor in our admission decision. At the end of your senior year we review your final high school transcript to verify that you have completed all courses in-progress and that your academic performance during your senior year is consistent with the performance you demonstrated at the time of application.

If there are instances where you need to make a course change or have extenuating circumstances that may impact your senior year grades, please call your admissions counselor at 888-866-3382 for advice on how to proceed. In most cases we can work out a reasonable solution, avoiding a change in your admission status.

Can I update my SRAR after I have submitted it to Morris?

You will be able to log back into your SRAR to update course changes, new grades, and additional test scores. When you re-submit updates, we will receive a new SRAR report that will be reviewed and added to your application file. We recommend doing this only occasionally, for example when you have your final quarter, semester, or trimester grades.

Should I complete the SRAR if my school does a narrative transcript?

No. We’ll need to evaluate your situation to determine the best course of action. Please email or call 888-866-3382 for assistance.

Should homeschooled students complete the SRAR?

Yes. Homeschooled students will need to complete the SRAR form.