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UMN Morris Sustainability Director demonstrating some campus solar panels to a student.

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Sustainability and Green Living

Sustainability at UMN Morris applies to more than just the environment. It’s woven into the fabric of our academics and is an integral part of our campus life. It guides our way of thinking and shows in our student outcomes. It’s part of everything we do.
At UMN Morris, you’ll be able to study widely, work across disciplines, and step back to look at the big picture. From dedicated courses and programs focused on the environment and sustainability practices to sustainability themes and ideas being incorporated throughout our disciplines, UMN Morris has a strong commitment to leadership in sustainable academics and all campus operations. 
We’re proud of our broad array of campus initiatives devoted to green living. As a rural liberal arts school, UMN Morris is blessed with abundant wind, rich soil, and ample sun. We are at the intersection of diverse ecological prairie and forest regions which makes our location an ideal laboratory for carrying out our green living goals.
Not only will you learn how to live sustainably at a school devoted to environmental responsibility, you will gain knowledge and skills that will sustain you throughout any career.

  • 10

    million kilowatt-hours of electricity from turbines per year

  • 100%

    carbon neutral in electricity.

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