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For Counselors

A Message Re: Self-Reported Grades & Test Scores

Dear Colleague,

We wanted you to be the first to know of an exciting change that will impact the process of applying for admission to the University of Minnesota Morris. Starting in Fall 2019 Morris will be making admission decisions on self-reported grades and test scores.

Our goal is to give students full control over their application steps which can make the process of applying for admission and receiving an admission decision faster and more affordable. We envision saving both you and the student the time associated with sending official supporting documents, waiting to collect this information until they have made their decision to attend Morris and have final high school transcripts.

Our application for admission opens up in August. Students will need to complete the following steps to complete their application:

  1. Submit an application through the University of Minnesota Morris application or the Common Application.
  2. Pay the $25 application fee or request a waiver
  3. Self-report high school course grades and standardized test scores through the online Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) form. You do not need to submit an official high school or secondary school transcript at the time of application.

We understand that the change to self-reported grades and test scores will be a new process for you and your students. If your students understand how to access their unofficial transcripts, they have everything they need to submit their SRAR, allowing them to complete their application for admission as soon as it opens on August 1. They no longer have to wait for school to start to access their official high school transcripts.

Our application deadlines for the upcoming year remain the same as last year:

  • Priority Deadline (November 1)
  • Competitive Scholarship Deadline (December 15)

Self-reporting grades and test scores will make it easier for students to meet these deadlines while minimizing demands on you and your office. Please note that we also accept applications after December 15, reserving some scholarship dollars for applicants that apply after that date.

Students are encouraged to add Morris as a score recipient when registering for college entrance tests such as the ACT or SAT, but can also self report their scores at the time of application, sending official results from the testing agency once they decide to attend Morris.

As in the past, all students attending the University of Minnesota Morris will need to send an official final high school transcript by July 1. Students are also responsible for submitting their official test scores from the test agency by the same date. This information will be used to verify the information students submitted in their SRAR and to ensure they have maintained the level of academic achievement observed at the time of their admission to Morris. We will send a reminder to students to send this information in late spring.

We appreciate your partnership and the role you play in the future success of your students. If you have any questions about this new initiative or other ways we can assist you, please reach out at 888-866-3382 or