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Transfer Students FAQs

We’re excited that you’re interested in transferring to Morris! If you don’t find answers here, contact the transfer admissions counselor.

How many Morris credits do I have to earn to receive my University of Minnesota, Morris degree?

You’ll need to earn at least 30 credits from the University of Minnesota, Morris. Additionally, at least 15 credits of the last 30 credits earned prior to the awarding of your Morris degree and half of your upper-level coursework in your major must be earned at Morris.

I applied last year and was accepted. Do I have to submit a new application?

No, we have your application on file, so you don’t have to send another. Call the transfer admissions coordinator at 888-866-3382 or email us at to let us know you are re-applying. We will need the following, if we don’t already have them:

  1. Official college or university transcripts
  2. Application Reactivation form
  3. If you have less than 30 completed college credits also include:
  • official high school transcripts (and GED transcripts if applicable) sent directly from the school to Morris
  • official ACT or SAT Reasoning score report (If your score is printed on your high school transcript, it is considered an official score.) The Morris ACT code is 2155 and the SAT code is 6890.

Your application will be evaluated again based on past and updated application information, and re-admission is not guaranteed. Please contact the transfer admissions counselor if you have more questions.

I applied and was accepted last year and was offered a scholarship. Do I automatically receive this scholarship again?

It depends. If you received a Transfer Academic Scholarship and still meet the required credit and transfer GPA requirements, and have not attended another University of Minnesota college since the scholarship was initially awarded, you will have your Transfer Academic Scholarship reinstated. Other scholarships are canceled when you decided not to enroll at Morris. If eligible, you may re-apply for other scholarships.

What is the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum?

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC) is an agreement for transferring general education requirements as a package from and between participating colleges. The MNTC can be completed as a stand-alone program and is built into the associate of arts degree at participating colleges. Morris accepts the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. Contact your previous college for more information on availability and for guidance in completing the program

I have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. What does that mean if I attend Morris?

  • All of your general education requirements are filled at Morris, with the exception of our second language requirement.
  • The language requirement can be filled by two semesters of a single, beginning level second language.
  • In many cases, it’s best to complete prerequisites for your major instead of completing the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. Please contact Morris as early as possible to ensure a smooth and efficient completion of your four-year degree.

What if I haven’t completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum?

Don’t worry! We will just look at your previous courses and make transfer decisions on a course-by-course basis. In many cases it’s best to complete prerequisites for your major instead of completing the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

Please contact Morris as early as possible to ensure a smooth and efficient completion of your four-year degree.

Will credits from colleges that are not regionally accredited transfer to Morris?

Not automatically. Morris doesn’t accept transfer coursework from proprietary technical colleges, business colleges, and similar postsecondary schools that are not regionally accredited. However, you may be able to take an exam in certain subjects for credit. In lieu of regional accreditation, determination must be made that instruction is collegiate level and appropriate for Morris’s liberal arts mission before credit is awarded.

Will my previous college GPA transfer to Morris?

The only GPA that will transfer to Morris is one earned at another University of Minnesota campus. GPAs from a college or university outside of the University of Minnesota system will not be calculated in your Morris GPA. Individual transfer courses, credits, and grades earned outside of the University of Minnesota system will not appear on your Morris transcript, even if those transfer courses are used to complete your Morris degree requirements.

I have already earned a four-year degree from another college but want to add a teaching license at Morris. What do I need to do?

Apply for admission, following the steps that match the type of college from which you are transferring. You will need to be admitted to both Morris and the education program. The Office of Admissions will send you a separate education application packet after receiving your application for admission. Contact the Division of Education as early as possible to determine what licensure requirements you will need to fulfill and to avoid missing important application deadlines.

What if I already have a bachelor’s degree from another college?

Great! You are exempt from our general education requirements. You may not earn a second degree with the same major that you earned for your first degree, but you can pursue additional coursework or a new major at Morris.

Do I automatically get junior standing when I transfer with a two-year degree?

No. We don’t automatically grant junior standing. Class standing at Morris depends on your total earned credits in transfer coursework, not time in school or degrees earned. On a similar note, if you have completed two years of coursework, you may have more than two years left at Morris to complete your major, depending on previous coursework complete.

Is there a limit to the number of credits I can transfer?

No. There is no absolute limit on the number of credits in appropriate coursework that may be transferred to Morris. You will still need to fulfill all Morris degree requirements, regardless of the number of credits you are transferring.

Will credits in religious studies transfer to Morris?

Maybe. Religious studies from public regionally accredited colleges go through the normal transfer review. Religious studies from colleges that do not have regional accreditation go through a special faculty review committee.

Do repeated courses count twice?

No. If you have repeated a course, only the last enrollment for the course will transfer.

Do study abroad courses count?

Maybe. Study abroad courses may or may not transfer, depending on the international institution offering the courses and other variables. We use the same transfer review guidelines for study abroad coursework as we do for domestic college coursework. Prior approval from Morris is always recommended to ensure that you can transfer the credits earned to Morris. Contact Admissions with questions.

Do independent studies, workshops, field experience or internships transfer?

Maybe. A special review will determine if the work was college level and meet our liberal arts requirements. We use the same transfer review guidelines for independent and applied coursework as we do for domestic college coursework.

What courses don’t transfer?

Courses that are not from regionally accredited institutions or those not designed for college credit, such as vocational, remedial, or developmental courses, don’t transfer. Additionally, college-level courses with a W or F grade don’t transfer.

What about credits earned on quarters vs. semesters?

We are on a semester system and will convert your quarter credits to semesters. To convert quarters to semesters, multiply the number of quarter credits by two-thirds. For example, 15 quarter credits equals 10 semester credits.