Theatre Arts Research Opportunities & Collaborations

“I really valued the opportunity for students to experience the different jobs within a production, as well as the one-on-one interaction with the professors. ”

—Marco Avila ’10

At the University of Minnesota, Morris, students in theatre arts find that collaboration comes in many forms: scholarly, creative, educational, financial, improvisational, interdisciplinary, and environmental. Here are just a few of the opportunities available.

Students may collaborate with faculty on scholarly activities leading to publication or presentation at professional conferences. Financial compensation is frequently available for these activities.
Students may collaborate with faculty on artistic aspects of campus productions including acting, design, costuming, choreography, and direction. Financial compensation is frequently available for these activities.
Community and educational
Morris students have a strong record of contributing to local educational and community theatre productions, often writing, directing, choreographing, or acting in these shows.
Improvisational and original
In addition to the campus Improv Club, a student theatre organization, the Meiningens, produces a main stage campus production each winter.
Interdisciplinary and system-wide
In addition to working closely with other disciplines on projects and performances, the theatre arts program welcomes participation by students from all majors and encourages students to take advantage of courses and opportunities offered throughout the University of Minnesota system.
In recent years, the Morris campus has successfully incorporated green initiatives into performance projects including main stage productions and the annual Fashion Trashion show.

Other Green Productions Include: