Spanish Research Opportunities & Collaborations

Students in the Spanish Discipline at Morris can team up with the eminent faculty to conduct research or pursue their own topics of interest. Student research projects are wide-ranging. Some recent examples include:

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

  • “Galdós and the First Republic: Political Foundations of Modern Spanish Liberalism through the Episodios Nacionales”
  • “Gender Relations and the Spanish Transition to Democracy as Reflected in the Characters of Lucía Etxebarria’s Beatriz y los cuerpos celestes”
  • “El Marianismo en la literatura hispana”

Morris Academic Parters

  • “Monsters as Mentors in Sixteenth-Century Spanish Ballads”
  • “Nationalism and 19th Century Spain”
  • “Representations of Incest in Sixteenth-Century Spanish Ballads”
  • “Enhancing linguistic and intercultural competence through Telenovelas”
  • “The Body in 19th Century Spain”
  • “Women in the Anarchist Movement in Spain”
  • “Representations of Utopia in Art and Literature”
  • “U.S.-Spain Cultural and Political Relations”
  • “U.S.-Mexican Cultural and Political Relations”
  • “Political and Literary Relations Between the US and Spain”
  • “Afro-Cuban Poet Nancy Morejón”
  • “Natural Approach Teaching Methodology”

Minority Mentorship Project / Multi-Ethnic Student Mentorship Program

  • “The Power of Pacifist Protest: Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo, Argentina”
  • “Teaching Spanish at the Elementary School Level”

Morris Student Administrative Fellow

  • “Service Learning in Spanish”

Morris students in the Spanish department have also published their work in Metamorphosis, an undergraduate peer-reviewed literary journal.


Financial support for student research is available through several venues. University funding opportunities are consolidated by the Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE).

For Current Students