Language is the key to a culture. The Spanish Discipline at Morris provides students with a mastery of the language, but goes beyond to introduce the fascinating history and literature of the Spanish-speaking world.

The broad Spanish curriculum gives students expertise in a second language, an inside understanding of the Spanish-speaking world, and the chance to travel abroad to soak up the cross-cultural experience firsthand.

Among first languages (native speakers), Spanish ranks second both globally and in the United States. When you know Spanish, the number of people you can reach expands dramatically.

In fields like public service, marketing, teaching, and many more, expertise in Spanish and an understanding of Spanish-speaking communities can provide big advantages over competitors, and is a prerequisite for success in some careers.

Spanish has an immensely rich and vital place among world literatures. Authors like Miguel de Cervantes, Jorge Luis Borges, Isabel Allende, and Roberto Bolaño have altered the course of the history of literature, and opened up extraordinary new worlds for readers to explore and enjoy. Diving into these great works in their original language will immerse you in the poetry, rhythms, and spirit of the writing in a way no translation can.

The study of another culture can also be like holding a mirror to our own, as we see ourselves from another point of view. It also creates global citizens who are at ease in a world that is becoming more connected and interdependent all the time. While appreciating each other’s differences, we find things that diverse communities share. Such knowledge and familiarities help to break down barriers between people and nations, and foster relationships that allow us to address global challenges together.

The distinguished faculty members of the Spanish Discipline have been recognized for the quality of their teaching and research. They have lived, traveled, and taught in many areas of the Spanish-speaking world, and have a deep commitment to promoting opportunities for scholarship and achievement for their students.

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