Why Sociology?


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The foundations of the sociology curriculum for both majors and minors are the courses in theory and methodology. Careful application of theory (the explanation of facts and phenomena) and methodology (the rigorous approach to questions and information) ensure that data are reliable and conclusions are drawn scientifically.

Writing, presentation, and research are all part of the regular curriculum and coursework in sociology, and our graduates are comprehensively prepared for professional careers.


Besides the core courses, majors complete five electives from the Sociology catalogue. Up to two of the electives may be taken in the Anthropology Discipline.

The culmination of the program is the capstone seminar. This class is a hands-on introduction to professional sociological research, and calls on all the skills and knowledge students have developed in the course of their studies. Students design their own research project, execute it, analyze the findings, write up the results and present their paper to colleagues in a public forum.


Minors take three sociology electives, with the option of taking one Anthropology course.


Double majors are also common in the discipline, and sociology courses are popular choices for students who wish to fulfill their general education requirement.