TK20 Admissions Application for Secondary Education

View the TK20 PowerPoint Instructions

  1. Go To:
  2. Select “Admissions”
  3. Select Click here to create your account >
  4. In Profile box, enter first name, last name, University email address, and confirm email address
  5. In Password Information box, create a password, re-enter password, enter a secret question and the secret answer
  6. Type the word in the maroon box
  7. Click “create my account”
  8. The system will assign a username for you and it will appear in the Username box in the upper left corner– write this and your password down somewhere! Your password appears under the “Account Details” heading
  9. Enter your password
  10. Click “Login”
  11. Click on “Create New Application”
  12. Select “Secondary Education Admission Application Fall 2014” 
  13. Click “Continue”
  14. Read the instructions
  15. Click “Next”
  16. Complete the Application Progress Information boxes
  17. Click “Next”
  18. Download the Secondary Ed course grid spreadsheet and fill in your planned courses. Once you have filled this in, save it on your computer and use the “select file” button to upload your completed course grid
  19. Select “Next”
  20. Complete the Personal Qualifications for Secondary Education Program
  21. Click the green “Submit Application Now” button when you are ready to submit your application. Please note that if you click the “Save Changes and Exit” button, your application will be saved but not submitted.