Secondary Education Cooperating Teachers

We want to thank you for assisting our students in this important stage of the teacher education program. We hope that you find this site convenient when learning about the program, responsibilities, and requirements of the teacher, yourself, and the supervisor.

In a 2008 Survey, Morris student teachers were asked to describe the university and schools support they had received during their recently completed student teaching experience. Here’s what they appreciated the most—and missed the most if it was missing:

  • Frequent feedback
  • Clear communication
  • A blend of positive comments and honest criticism
  • Freedom and opportunity to teach and try new things
  • An environment that is generally supportive

If you would like to have your student teacher give you feedback during or after student teaching, you might use an Open Ended Evaluation. You can ask your student teacher to write the answers or you can use the questions as talking points during one of your conferences. You might have the student teacher complete this as a midterm evaluation at the same time you complete theirs. Please contact Morris teacher education if you have questions or suggestions.

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