Secondary Education Career & Graduate Opportunities

Morris Secondary Education Students Develop:

  • Breadth of knowledge through liberal arts general studies
  • Depth of knowledge through content area studies
  • Professional expertise through professional program components
  • Knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for teaching
  • Decision-making skills that focus on student learning through coursework and clinical experiences
  • Skill and confidence in lesson preparation, teaching, and assessment through numerous clinical experience

Opportunities After Graduation

Morris secondary education students typically receive a full major in their content area(s) and often become classroom teachers. However, classroom teaching is not the only path available.

Morris graduates work in:

  • Mobile environmental education centers
  • Lead classes and tours for national and state parks
  • Develop curriculum
  • Work in educational publishing
  • Coordinate community service programs and community-based educational experiences
  • Work with education consortiums
  • Attend graduate school for curriculum and instruction, educational policy, or other areas