Getting Started with Secondary Education

The secondary education licensure program at the University of Minnesota, Morris reflects the university's commitment to a well-rounded liberal arts education emphasized in the campus mission. The program has been developed to reflect our emphases on

  • Diversity
  • Theory and practice
  • Leadership
  • Reflection

Morris offers teaching licensure in the following areas:

  • General science (5-8)
  • Life science (9-12)
  • Chemistry (9-12)
  • Physics (9-12)
  • Social studies (5-12)
  • Mathematics (5-12)
  • Communication arts and literature (5-12)
  • French (K-12)
  • Spanish (K-12)
  • Instrumental music (K-12)
  • Vocal music (K-12)
  • Visual arts (K-12)

For all licensure areas, candidates must complete their degree requirements (major, general education) as well as specific slates of courses in the licensure area (listed in the catalog) and program prerequisite courses. The program itself occurs in the final year of university and is one year in length, full time. No other coursework may be taken concurrently with the program.

Please consult the program guide and the course catalog for more information about program structure and requirements.

Program Guide

Prospective Students

How do I learn more about Secondary Education at Morris?

Any member of the secondary education faculty would be happy to visit with you by phone, email, or in person. You may contact us directly or schedule a campus visit through the Office of Admissions. Admissions staff will coordinate your visit, including conversations with secondary education staff. They will also walk you through the application process and tell you about Morris scholarships.

After enrolling at the University of Minnesota, Morris, your adviser will guide you through your first two years so that you are prepared to apply for admission to the secondary education program.

During fall semester of the junior or senior year, students attend an application meeting to begin the application process. Enrollment in the program is limited.

The decision to admit is made during spring semester, before fall registration. The secondary education course sequence begins in fall semester.

Current Students

I am a Morris undergraduate student interested in becoming a secondary education teacher. How do I become eligible to apply for a Minnesota teaching license

Check the Morris catalog for more information

Transfer Students

How do I transfer to the University of Minnesota, Morris for secondary education?

The transfer specialist in the Office of Admissions will guide you through the process. They will determine if you meet requirements for admission to Morris. Michelle Page, secondary education coordinator, will conduct a preliminary review of an unofficial transcript to give you a general idea of which requirements you have met and which are still needed in order for you to apply for admission to the secondary education program.

Morris's secondary education program is one year, full-time. Program application/admission materials are available from the Division of Education.

During fall semester of your junior or senior year, you attend an application meeting to begin the application process. Enrollment in the program is limited.

The decision to admit is made during spring semester, before fall registration.

The secondary education course sequence begins in fall semester.

Graduate of a Four-Year

What should I do if I already have a four-year degree and want to get a teaching license?

  1. We first need to determine if you have met requirements for admission to the program. To do this, we need to look at your transcripts. Send unofficial copies of your transcripts to Michelle Page, secondary education coordinator, 108 Education, 600 East Fourth Street, Morris, MN 56267 for a preliminary review. The preliminary review will give you a general idea of the courses you might have to take to get a license.
  2. If you decide you want to complete your license requirements at Morris, apply to the University of Minnesota, Morris via the Office of Admissions.
  3. After you are accepted, an official transcript review will be conducted that will give you the final list of courses to be completed. In most cases the applicant needs to complete content area courses and/or education prerequisites and will need to enter the education program one semester to two years after beginning coursework.
  4. If your transcript evaluation tells you that you only have a few courses to take (three to four), check with the Secondary Education discipline  immediately regarding program application.
  5. If your transcript review indicates that you will need many courses (eight or more) simply remember to apply to the program the fall of the year prior to actually entering the program.
  6. If you are unsure whether you should apply or not, contact Secondary Education for assistance.

Practicing Teacher

What is the process if I am a practicing teacher and looking to expand my license from a grade 7-12 to a grade 5-12 in the same field?

The state law requires that in such a case you will need to take a middle level methods course. You may also be required to complete field experience in grade 5 or 6.

Send transcripts for review to:

Michelle Page
108 Education
600 East Fourth Street
Morris, MN 56267

You also need to contact the Office of Admissions regarding special or expedited university admission.

What do I need to do if I am a licensed teacher and I'd like to add a field to my license?

Depending on what license you already hold and which field you would like to add, you may need to take additional courses in the content area, take an additional methods course, pass an additional exam, and/or complete additional field experience. Each case is evaluated individually in consultation with state authorities. The first step is to have your transcripts and experiences reviewed.

Send transcripts for review to:

Michelle Page
108 Education
600 East Fourth Street
Morris, MN 56267

The State of Minnesota will require you to take the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam (MTLE) content exam in that field.